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Hi, I’m Laura, the artist behind Little Clay Land!

I’m a clay-loving girl in a clay world! At eight years old, I started making miniatures from polymer clay - tiny food, animals, people, fairies - if I could imagine it, I could make it! As I got older, my work as a painter and illustrator took my focus, but I never forgot my love of tiny things. Clay and I were reunited a few years ago, when I started to make little clay characters for my nieces and nephews. At the encouragement of family and friends, I was soon selling clay illustrations and custom clay portraits as Little Clay Land. I think everyone has that same little eight-year-old kid living somewhere inside, and Little Clay Land is where I go to let her out!

I believe the people in our lives are worth celebrating, and I love using my clay to help people show their love to each other!

Behind the Scenes

watch My portrait Sculpting Process!


Above: creating a couples portrait: nurse and videographer!

Two Dope Queens

Above: Sculpting Process for portrait of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams from Two Dope Queens.

Jamie Grace

Above: Sculpting Process for couples portrait of singer Jamie Grace.


Jamie Grace is a singer who I respect so much - following her journey through her openness about mental health and abstinence in singleness has inspired and encouraged me.

She recently got married and her story is a beautiful account of following God through the hard and exciting in life. I’m so happy she shared it with the world!


inspiration: Jamie Grace’s Wedding film


process of sculpting a little clay cowboy couple!

Lu & Bean Read

Creating a portrait for the Lu and Bean Read Podcast!

Lighthouse Engagement

Above: creating a lighthouse, the site of this couple’s engagement!